Know About Us

By Pauline Okubasu

We will make for you ornaments of gold, studded with silver. – King Solomon


Ornaments have been a social impact since time in memorial worn in various ceremonies. Jewelry can tell the story of a person’s personality and Character by what they adorn. Jewelry can make a difference in building your personal brand!

Samara Jewel was started in 2001 while the founder was in campus under the name Beautiful Silver. The business was later registered in 2006 with the name Samara Jewel; named after the founder’s daughter ‘Samara’. We sell trendy jewelry and accessories that meet your needs and those you love; your children, spouse, friends, parents, and Colleagues. We sell a unique variety that can be selected for every occasion.

We want you to be a part of something beautiful, something irresistible, profoundly… mmmmmh…good to your soul and lasts a lifetime… Discover & Explore the timeless refinement.